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  • Yoshii - Monday 18 February 2013 15:51
    Where do they get those pictures?
    know another site that is like this?
    with nude kids or videos
  • Muppet Show - Monday 18 February 2013 12:54
    I don't think this is a "nudist" photograph because these two girls look totally embarrassed. I'd say they didn't have anything to be ashamed of, but that's not counting the obvious fact that they're probably not used to having pubic hair yet. I wonder if saying "Nice Tits!" to them would take their minds off of their exposed private parts?!
  • Nacktfreund - Friday 15 February 2013 23:30
    Immer wieder erstaunlich, dass sogar das Lustzentrum der Männer voll mit bemalt wird, also die Eichel. Gibt das keine Hautprobleme an so einer intimen Stelle...?
  • antonpold - Wednesday 13 February 2013 10:00
    I also wanted add some thoughts about such girls (11-12 yo) nudity. I don't see any difference of women and underage girls nude photos, if it is not pornographic. Only problem is, that underage person is not responsible for the law, and if she is forced or fooled to take clothes off, then it is really wrongdoing. But believe me, in reality 11-12 girls are not more embarrassed to be naked than any other person. Even I think, they will took clothes off more easily than for example 18yo girl. If you have heard, that girls are screaming loudly, if for example some boy accidentally saw them nude, and women take this case more calmly, then I can convince you: they are screaming, but same time they like it too. That sounds strange, but if some girl will know, that boys have good possibility to peek her at bathroom or dressing room, they feel same time fear and excitement. Girl is thinking: oh, dear, can I dress (or take shower) here, if maybe they are somewhere peeking. But same time in her mind is also thought: so what, if they see me naked. It is interesting to hear later, what they are talking. And that is conclusion: 12-year old girl same time fears and WANTS to be seen naked.
  • antonpold - Wednesday 13 February 2013 08:31
    I dont think, this is child "porn", but in some sites also usual nudist pictures of teens and preteens is not allowed too. Here it is allowed.
  • Nacktfreund - Monday 11 February 2013 20:26
    Ganzkörperbemalung und dann noch völlig blank rasiert unten...das sieht einfach toll aus und der Spalt kommt gut zur Geltung
  • Nacktfreund - Monday 11 February 2013 20:23
    Einfach herrlich, wie die edelsten Körperteile völlig ästhetisch auf dem Sattel liegen. Da guckt man gerne hin bei dieser Parade, auch die anwesenden Kinder
  • Nacktfreund - Monday 11 February 2013 20:18
    Immer wieder erstaunlich, dass selbst Kinder bei solcher Parade zusehen. Sie gucken sich sogar mit Interesse und Spaß die zum Teil auffällig bemalten Geschlechtsteile der Männer an. Das widerlegt die häufig falsche Meinung, dass man Kinder "schützen" muss vor solchen Anblicken. Es ist schließlich das natürlichste der Welt
  • Yoshii - Sunday 10 February 2013 22:05
    any child porn?
  • nudistsincebirth - Sunday 10 February 2013 21:49
    cheers !