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  • jsmith1985175 - Tuesday 9 October 2012 20:58
  • jsmith1985175 - Tuesday 9 October 2012 20:54
    love her body
  • jsmith1985175 - Tuesday 9 October 2012 20:52
  • bobeleven - Monday 8 October 2012 10:32
    these ladies r quite exquiisite
  • antonpold - Sunday 7 October 2012 19:40
    I created a story based on this picture. When you think, this already will end, then will not – some surprising turnarounds on story.
    x x x x x x x x
    Another cold winter day (-12 at 2.30 p.m) in Russia. Man is skiing in forest and suddenly notices two skiers coming towards him, one tall and other little. When they approaching, man sees, that about 8-year old girl (in photo!) is stark naked, obviously only ski boots on feet. Father, otherwise, is very warmly clothed, even face little bit covered.
    „Wow! What this mean?“ ask man.
    „Hardening,“ explains father. „She wants to be icewoman. Nastya, show to the man, what you can do.“
    Girl take off skis and boots and starting various exercises: hopping, stretching and then even handstand and cartwheel. She seems strong for young girl. „At morning I pour her water, but now I have only snow. Get ready!“ Girl liyng in the snow and father starts sprinkle her with snow, until it covers all body. „This is snowshower,“ father is laughing. Then he puts girl’s boots on backpack and ties little skis on it and says to stranger: „Now we are going home, already been over hour here.“
    „But get she boots back?“ asks man.
    „No, she will walk and run to home, goodbye.“
    Stranger looking them moving away and notices that girl raises her leg and rubs foot, then other leg and continues walk. Father rebukes: „Again you are weak! You must be strong! Now I ask: will you want boots back?“
    „No“ answers girl, who continues running and many times falling in snow.
    x x x x x x x x
    Father reaches to home few minutes earlier than girl, then comes out again and says to arriving girl: „Dinner is not yet ready. Maybe you want play outside, I will bring your dolls, little shovel and some other toys.“
    „But can I have boots now?“
    „Oh, I thought you warmed up when running. Besides I put boots already to dry and you make them wet again then. Aren’t you really warmer now?“
    „Maybe a little,“ answers girl and then more firmly: „Yes.“
    „Then get dolls. But remember, here is clothing set for dolls. Put on them warm clothes, now is winter, otherwise dolls will suffer,“ says father and going back to the house again.
    x x x x x x x x
    When father enters to room, grandma asking: „Is Nastya staying outside? Then maybe I go to play and talk with her, not every day I can see my granddaughter.“
    „Mother! Here quickly becomes colder, when sun is not no longer shining in our garden like now. I check temperature… Minus 19! Very cold!! Mother, you get sick, if you go.“
    „All right, then I watch her playing through window, this is also interesting.“
    x x x x x x x x x
    After 50 minutes. „Dinner is ready I call Nastya now,“ says father.
    „No!!!“ answers grandma. „She plays so nicely, is excited and focused. Dont interrupt her game, please. She can eat later.“
    „OK, I check temperature. Only minus 24! Quite warm for Nastya!“
  • antonpold - Sunday 7 October 2012 18:46
    I doubt, maybe. After some time I will create new story on nude in coldness. I like fantasy stories.
  • bobeleven - Sunday 7 October 2012 15:39
    @ antinpld wuld u bang them
  • bobeleven - Sunday 7 October 2012 15:37
    @ antonpold

    nice but looks a bit fake
  • bobeleven - Sunday 7 October 2012 15:35
    hey everyone its me with my new account bye bye my old bob11 account
  • bob11 - Sunday 7 October 2012 15:33
    this is my last comment as bob11 i will make my new account called bobeleven because its more fancy @antonpold @ Dane @ Muppet Show