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  • futurenudist - Thursday 12 September 2013 21:32
    Very pretty girls
  • antonpold - Monday 2 September 2013 23:12
    This girl is not 14, she is at least 16, is my guess.
  • Muppet Show - Monday 2 September 2013 07:48
    3! That kid's tits are huge!
  • Muppet Show - Monday 2 September 2013 07:44
    Best thing about Nudist sites seeing kids her age with big tits and hairy "private parts!"
  • Muppet Show - Monday 2 September 2013 07:38
    Gotta love 'em when they're still going through puberty.
  • Muppet Show - Monday 2 September 2013 07:35
    This is a classic picture of a naturist brother and sister. Sure, Naturist families are free of the deep-seeded body shame of deeply religious families, but these two adolescents' body language shows an awkward moment. The poor boy is stuck with those chicken-wing shoulders, no definition, and his hairless chest would also follow that he has never picked up a razor. He almost covered his junk because he's at that age where you want everybody to know you're becoming a man, but not because you didn't have pants on in a photograph. His sister's lack of eye-contact and nervous half-smile would suggest that keeping her hands behind her back is the best way to avoid repeating her brother's gesture. She knows she's got the most spectacular tits and hips at the camp and a grown woman's triangle, but she's also only 14 or so.Being crowned "King and Queen of Not Having any Clothes On" isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • bumbum - Sunday 1 September 2013 21:20
    wau hat der ein steifen
  • bumbum - Sunday 1 September 2013 13:57
    oh ja das stimmt voll und ganz nackedei
  • bumbum - Sunday 1 September 2013 13:56
    was für schöne körper
  • antonpold - Sunday 1 September 2013 10:20
    She get more attention of the boys, if she is shaved. Being honest, generally she is not very attractive, I think some other girls here are more beautiful, and if shaved, she will have better possibilities to attract boys.