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  • bob11 - Wednesday 26 September 2012 17:39
  • bob11 - Wednesday 26 September 2012 17:33
    @ muppet show

    he shuldnt have done it at all
  • Muppet Show - Wednesday 26 September 2012 17:20
    "even tough daddy forced them to strip and get naked some weirdos"...

    Yeah, should have waited till she was farther in puberty, with jiggly breasts and hair to look at
  • bob11 - Wednesday 26 September 2012 13:39
    @ antonpold and corvax

    watever this is nudism even though daddy forced them to strip and get naked some weirdos use this as porn and these girls were forced so this isn't nudism
  • antonpold - Wednesday 26 September 2012 10:47
    I also agree, that 14-year old girl (she seems approximately this age) dont usually know about meaning of whore. She feel free and happy, but nevertheless 95% of nudist girls dont take this pose, when they are photographed.
  • Muppet Show - Wednesday 26 September 2012 05:55
    I wouldn't say she's a whore, she's a kid who seems to like showing off being in puberty.
  • Muppet Show - Wednesday 26 September 2012 05:36
    "the one with short hair is ugly though"

    Yeah, going naked is the only way a homely kid like this can really get attention. I mean you can at least see her tits and her hairy "private" parts.
  • fullbalz - Tuesday 25 September 2012 11:28
    very nice!!!
  • antonpold - Monday 24 September 2012 22:07
    [reply=5946]Corvax[/reply] In your dispute with Bob11 I also prefer your opinion. That’s true, that in many European countries law about children nudity is not so strict. Best example is former DDR (yes, it was Communist country, but very liberal about nudity). In DDR children up to 10 years old were largely naked at beach. This law was actually not restricting, but allowing, because normally children were naked only before schoolage. But in DDR there also many girls 11-13 were naked at beach, because nobody complained about that.
    And there as been some moaning and complaining about children nudity films. In DDR film „Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns“ young girl (13) going under shower and swimming naked and this was called best children (yes, children!) movie of the whole country. That means, nobody dont care about girls nudity in movie, what was mainly watched by children! And also other countries are more liberal than USA. This picture of gymnastic girl is not pornographic and should be allowed in nudist sites.
  • Corvax - Monday 24 September 2012 19:03
    @bob11: That would be the case to which I was referring when I pointed out in my second post that some of these pictures were deemed illegal in the United States. And do you want to know why? Ultimately, their objection boils down to, "She has genitals and they are visible in the pictures." I wish I were making that up. The case summary you linked makes extensive mention of the visibility level of the girls' genital regions in each picture. They can't offer any other argument against the images. I think the Americans are more preoccupied with a little girl's vulva than I am!

    What about you? Can you explain to me what relegates the above picture of a happy, naked little girl to the sinister realm of "disgusting child porn"? Because I for one don't see anything inherently sexual going on when I look at Ariel up there. Do you? Please, try to make more sense than the Americans (not hard I grant), and definitely do better than simply "you should be ashamed." Take care. :)