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  • Muppet Show - Sunday 30 September 2012 01:13
    I absolutely ADORE the poor kid's shame and humiliation in these pictures. Would love to see her suffering even more!!

    Amazing tits, Heather!

    @Everwild She's in this one Russian Bare video, she keeps the sarong on for most of it, but when she takes it off, there's a few shots of her covering her "private"-LOL-parts with both hands, so I think she's new to the scene.
  • Everwild - Sunday 30 September 2012 00:17
    So awesome!! Is there more of Heather than these two pictures? Maybe a video that shows her crying? Everyone is taunting her for pleading that she not be made to sing "wearing only a sarong"; how do we know she said that? How do we even know her name is Heather? Please tell me there's something else to be seen! I absolutely ADORE the poor kid's shame and humiliation in these pictures. Would love to see her suffering even more!!

    Amazing tits, Heather!
  • antonpold - Saturday 29 September 2012 19:34
    Here I comment the same: no age limit for non-pornographic images! This picture is very beautiful, I like this girl.
  • antonpold - Saturday 29 September 2012 19:31
    I promise that this will be my last comment on gymnastic girl series. Bob11 is right, that father did some ugly things and has to be condemned. But... NEVERTHELESS these pictures are beautiful. Dont set any age limit for non-pornographic pictures!
  • bob11 - Saturday 29 September 2012 18:42
    do u have the link to the other pictures ill see for myself
  • bob11 - Saturday 29 September 2012 18:39
    its pretty " disgusting" tbh
  • bob11 - Saturday 29 September 2012 18:26
    my penis is not as long but much ticker
  • Corvax - Saturday 29 September 2012 09:18
    @antonpold: Very true, though as you alluded to, the argument you make is a legal one. And it is only legally damning in this case if the pictures themselves are harmful in some way, which I continue to contend they are not. Otherwise they merely constitute Dale sharing his nudist lifestyle with his daughters, which I would argue is not only non-harmful, but even healthy. So "forcing" them to occasionally engage in nudism (which was done through no more coercive means than suggesting it) would be similar to "forcing" them to eat their vegetables at dinner. And most parents truly would force that particular issue, or at least ENforce it (ie, "Eat your vegetables or you're grounded.")

    @bob11: I'm afraid your information is short on facts, and long on slander. First, there were NO sexual pictures taken of Hannah and Ariel. Not one. The only people who believe such images exist of the girls are yourself and the American authorities, and as I said, the Americans are merely citing a handful of shots no more explicit than the one above and calling them pornographic. I'm not exaggerating. The vast majority of the pictures Dale took were made in the gym we see in the series on this site, showing the girls performing gymnastics, while a relative few were done at home and showed them doing other things in the nude, such as sleeping, showering and picking out clothes from the closet. There is even one that shows them on a nude beach. In none of these pictures are either of the girls ever seen doing anything sexual. So I must ask you again to evaluate the above picture of Ariel. Do you see any sexual activity occurring in that image? Because if you don't, then you wouldn't be offended by any of the others Dale took. They are all in the same vein.

    Secondly, addressing your contention that "the girls were sexually harassed or touched by the dad", again I fear you are exaggerating. While it is true that one of the girls stated well into the criminal trial that Dale molested her, this claim came after months of vigorously, fervently denying such allegations. In other words, the moment Dale was put on trial, his prosecutors began contacting the girls every day, demanding to know whether their father had ever touched them inappropriately, and refusing to take their consistent "absolutely not" for an answer. You try doing that to a little girl for months on end, and see how long it takes before she starts "remembering" what the adult wants her to remember. But in any event, that point is moot. While I don't believe Dale molested either of his daughters, if he did then I make no defense of those actions. It's irrelevant because it has nothing to do with the pictures he took of the girls, which is what we're discussing here. Those pictures are not sexual, they are not pornographic. They are merely nude. So either Dale never molested either of them and didn't feel the desire to take sexual pictures of them, or he did molest one or both yet wasn't stupid enough to take sexual pictures of them. Either way, the pictures we have in question are perfectly innocent. Take care. :)
  • Muppet Show - Saturday 29 September 2012 01:21
    If she's 8, she's the most mature 8 I've ever seen. And bush on a kid this young is pretty amazing.
  • Muppet Show - Saturday 29 September 2012 01:12
    That kid in the middle doesn't seem to mind letting those oversize privates hang off the sofa.