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  • Muppet Show - Sunday 30 September 2012 19:51
    nudism is bad like this picture stop forcing kids to have pictures taken SMH
    @bob11. It's no different than any other family vacation; parents take pictures. The only difference here is that looking back on happy times, she will remember how during the previous school year, she got her period and started wearing a training bra. That following Summer, she played her first volleyball game with breasts that moved. Her team won, but she felt defeated nonetheless. Everybody could see that she was a woman. A very LITTLE woman, but clearly no longer a child.
  • Muppet Show - Sunday 30 September 2012 19:42
    @Everwild. At first, stripped of their swimsuits, they stood there covering their bodies and weeping with shame, but the risk of drowning was overwhelming and they soon learned to hold onto the reigns even as their tits and penis jiggled away.
  • Muppet Show - Sunday 30 September 2012 19:39
    @Everwild. The kid in the middle looks like he doesn't have to shave yet, but he's a donkey from the waist down. Crying like a baby because he's been taken to a nude beach for the first time at 15, he was treated like a baby. Sure, the oversize diaper covered his freakish "private" parts, but the pacifier and sun bonnet convinced him that there were worse things than shutting up, stripping naked, and letting it all hang out.
  • Muppet Show - Sunday 30 September 2012 19:12
    @Everwild: As long as she's not being touched, a girl this age should simply accept removing her clothes as part of growing up. Once she reaches 18, it's her choice, but while she is still a child, adults should be able to see-but-not-touch her pubescent body, just to make sure it's all there.
  • Muppet Show - Sunday 30 September 2012 19:00
    @Everwild. I wonder if this naked girl would be smiling like this if men were throwing cash at her and telling her to move her hips more.
  • Everwild - Sunday 30 September 2012 14:12
    Awww, the poor kids are just miserable. No wonder, tan lines all over their developing young bodies say they aren't used to being outside in anything more revealing than a one-piece swimsuit. Certainly not naked as the day they were born! And they seem to be alone in this picture, no one immediately nearby to stare at them except probably their father or whoever took the pic. If that embarrasses them so much, their parents should make them do this: http://www.nudismlife.com/picture.php?/32048/category/321

    It would be good for them in the long run. Plus they'd probably collapse into little humiliated sobbing heaps before it was done, which would be absolutely delicious to watch.
  • Everwild - Sunday 30 September 2012 11:53
    So awesome!! Is there more of Heather than these two pictures? Maybe a video that shows her crying? Everyone is taunting her for pleading that she not be made to sing "wearing only a sarong"; how do we know she said that? How do we even know her name is Heather? Please tell me there's something else to be seen! I absolutely ADORE the poor kid's shame and humiliation in these pictures. Would love to see her suffering even more!!

    Amazing tits, Heather!
  • Corvax - Sunday 30 September 2012 11:51
    @antonpold: There is no evidence that their father ever molested them, aside from a single statement from one of the girls that came only after months of swearing the exact opposite. Even the American justice system requires that a criminal suspect must be found innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and indeed, Dale was never tried for touching his daughters inappropriately on such flimsy evidence. He was convicted and sentenced for the "crime" of taking nude pictures of Hannah and Ariel, which I continue to maintain is absurd. But even the Americans apparently couldn't make a molestation charge stick, nor did they even try.

    @bob11: I feel that you are continuing to confuse the issue with irrelevant arguments. Whether antonpold or myself have children has nothing to do with the matter under discussion, which is whether the pictures taken of Hannah and Ariel are sexual or not. Nor, really, does the question of whether the girls would want those pictures posted online, though if it sets your mind at ease, the girls' own testimony (given from the beginning, not after months of denying it) stated that Dale told them the nude pictures would be given to certain members of their online modeling websites. Yes, Hannah and Ariel were child models at the time these pictures were taken. True, the images on their sites were clothed, not nude, but they were no strangers to having their likenesses published on the Internet for all to see. If you should care to look at their modeling photos (along with the rest of the nude images and the video), simply search Google for Kasey and October, the alises they went by as models. Their torrents are readily available. Take care. :)
  • antonpold - Sunday 30 September 2012 11:41
    @bob11: I cant explain all my points of view here, then comment will be very long. I have studied some traditions of children and also teens nudity in several countries and can answer only via e-mail.
  • bob11 - Sunday 30 September 2012 02:42
    @ Muppet Show thats your fantasy ain't it